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Elevating quality standards and circumventing the possible oversights, DreamKoder traces the arc of a revolutionized approach with an edge that is innovation-driven; conquering all web-based challenges with its assortment of crisp and intelligent WordPress solutions. At DreamKoder, WordPress development is not something new to us, it’s deeply rooted in our work culture. With a huge clientele base spanning across motley industries, we take pride in meeting 100% of our client’s expectations in quality and on-time delivery.

Our proficient developers use WordPress themes, modules, templates, and plugins to enhance your WordPress website. At DreamKoder, we understand that plugins are the most important features of WordPress. We thus design plugins that can be customized to your specific needs resulting in websites that are robust in all aspects. Our WordPress development experts not only focus on creating a robust website but also alter your business landscape for growth.

Why DreamKoder for your WordPress Development

At DreamKoder, we have diverse industry experience and thus provide customized WordPress solutions at an incredibly competitive price. We proudly claim ourselves among the leading WordPress development companies in the world and our customers know it too. Our dedicated team of programmers keep themselves abreast of the latest technology and market trends so as to deliver unique WordPress solutions. Other services we offer in the WordPress development domain include: WordPress custom theme development, WordPress custom widget development and WordPress plugin development.

WordPress Custom Theme Development

WordPress themes are files that work together to create the customized design and functionality of a WordPress website. By changing the theme, you can change the branding of your WordPress website without altering its structure or content. WordPress theme development involves using PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to build dynamic WordPress sites. At DreamKoder, our designers are masters of these tools. We thus design the themes that suit your business needs bringing your imagination into reality.

WordPress Custom Plugin Development

Plugins are what makes WordPress the giant it is today. They have the capability of transforming your WordPress website completely. This most powerful feature of WordPress allows users to exploit possibilities beyond imaginations. There are more than 20,000 plugins in WordPress that offers unique functionality to enrich your blog or website. If the kind you are looking for is not available anywhere online, we offer custom WordPress plugins development that suits your needs. Our developers are highly experienced in plugins development and have resolved even the most complex of the complex scenarios.

WordPress Custom Widget Development

WordPress widgets are small and dynamic modules generally positioned to appear as a header, footer, or sidebars. They offer user-friendly content placement by drag-and-drop through custom plugin development or plugin implementation. WordPress widgets also offer useful functionalities such as web forms to fill out, recent posts and other customizable features. At DreamKoder, our experts have an enviable knowledge of the WordPress custom widget development. We develop and place widgets that make your WordPress website look immaculate.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for WordPress developers or any kind of WordPress customization. Let us code your imaginations.

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