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A good website design is of paramount importance as it affects how quickly visitors can access what they are looking for. Studies show that well-built websites generate better traffic and a friendly user interface increases the conversion-drawing in more businesses at an exponential rate. At DreamKoder, we have a true passion for web design. It’s what drives us to surpass your expectations and deliver amazing results each and every time. At DreamKoder, we believe that every website should be beautiful and uniquely crafted to represent your brand. Even if you have an existing website, the benefits of updating it cannot be underestimated. Here is where we come. We do a facelift of your existing website to give it a premier look that will convert visitors to customers. Our state of the art expertise has made us set our foot across the globe. We do not only seek to be the champion in website design but to explore the uncharted territories in web design and development.

Why DreamKoder for Your Website Design

As a renowned premium website design agency, we have designed countless websites and webbased solutions for some of the world established brands. We support young businesses and start-ups by designing and developing speed optimized websites at a pocket-friendly cost. Many start-ups and well-established companies choose us as their off-shore website design agency because we bring the following benefits:

  • Exceptional and cost effective service
  • Globally renowned expertise
  • Free technical support for 1 week post deployment
  • Specialization in custom web design and logo design

To ensure that our expertise in web design helps your business grow exponentially, we dispatch the big guns on the following key components of an effective web design.


At DreamKoder, we understand that the most important aspect of a website is navigation. A website’s navigation can either make or break a site. A good website should have a list of labels or a navigation bar that differentiates the pages. Good navigation makes it easy to find and access content on a website. At DreamKoder, we make your websites navigation so intuitive that even a minor can hover around with no complications.

Readability & SEO

At DreamKoder, we know that most people are comfortable reading a page from top to bottom, the way they would read a book. Our designers make use of this and make sure to place the most important information on the upper-left hand column. Through our speed optimized tools, we ensure the each page opens with ease without the frustrating redirection loops. Placing information in these areas of a website also enhances the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Brand Loyalty

Your brand is your selling point. If your company has a logo that is always used in the print media, then the logo along with the brand colors and the brand tagline should be incorporated on the website design. Here at DreamKoder, we replicate the brand logo and the entire messaging into the website design so that your customers can recognize you with a single click of the website. Do you need a facelift of your existing website or even a new website, feel free to contact us. Give us a quote, and we will bring your imaginations into reality.

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