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At DreamKoder, our objective is to create a state–of-the-art mobile software that is bug-free and tailored to our client’s business needs. We understand that Android is the fastest growing mobile platform and thus keep abreast of the latest technology in mobile apps development. Our vast experience in this field has equipped us with an enviable level of expertise. We have not only established ourselves as a top Android apps development company but have also cultivated a philosophy of building apps that are top notch. This has enabled us to garner clients from all corners of the world.

Why Choose DreamKoder for Android Apps Development

The work done by the Android app developer is quite complex. It is of paramount importance that a company that is highly cognizant of the subject matter is hired so as to avoid the frustrations resulting from bugs and failures. The developer needs to have the requisite tools in order to design, test, and debug the apps. This is where we come in. Our renowned apps design prowess and coding dexterity has enabled us to handle challenging projects and emerge with great results.

We have solid expertise in Android and iOS apps development that ensures value-added services to your mobile operations. Harnessing optimal potential for the intricate Android platform, our experts utilize a plethora of android development tools to test and explore unlimited possibilities in the mobile development world. At DreamKoder, our developers are dedicated to developing scalable and highly robust mobile application tools that cope well with the ever changing technology.

The Android Apps Development Process we Follow

Step 1: Information Gathering

  • Discussing the Android app with the client so as to get the concept and the requirement.
  • Refining the idea so as to make it solid and more lucrative
  • Drafting the final requirement document that finalizes all the milestones

Step 2: Android App Design

  • Choosing the style that best suits the client’s requirements
  • Creating a draft for the app design

Step 3: Android App Development

  • Creating the Android apps animations, objects, and backgrounds
  • Coding the apps mechanics
  • Drafting the first delivery which includes the android play and arts
  • UI elements creation and level designs
  • Final integration of all the requisite elements

Step 4: Final Delivery

  • Testing of the android app
  • Android app submission
  • Submission of the android app into the Android apps store

Working with DreamKoder for your Android apps development is a smart move. You get to benefit from the following: competitive pricing, seamless communication, round the clock technical support, and proven methodologies. Give us a quote and we will get in touch soonest possible.

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