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Our Vision

To be the champion in Web Development and mobile apps development in the world. At DreamKoder, we believe that every website should be unique, beautiful, and speed optimized. We thus strive to achieve this by developing responsive websites and mobile apps that are speed optimized and bug-free.

A Web Development Agency

DreamKoder is a creative Web Development Agency. Built upon the core values of integrity, professionalism, and client satisfaction. DreamKoder exists to provide cutting-edge technology in web development by providing high-quality IT services and mobile app development at a fair price. We believe that the worldwide web is the epicenter of corporate development and thus strive to be the champion in web development and mobile app development. DreamKoder’s philosophy is pegged on the premises of customer satisfaction and thus offers inclusive, customer focused services that bring the world into your doorsteps.

Best for Startups

At DreamKoder, we love to help startup companies get a quota in the worldwide web. We thus support startups around the world by offering them the best price to help convert their dream into reality. Our clients are proud of our services and have brought in more clients as a token of appreciation for our high-quality services.

Our Tagline

“We code your Imagination” is our tagline. What a better way to visualize your imagination than putting them in a simple “coded form”. No matter the complexity of the subject matter, our programming experts will break it down for you and design a web page or an app tailored to your needs.

Our Mission

We offer customized web development and app development services that blend well with the changing needs and trends in the Information, Communication, and Technological space.

Our Purpose

We exist to redefine a new era in website development and app development world by providing cutting edge technology tailored to meet our customer’s needs.

Technology We love


Our Speciality

We belive we have some qualities, which you will need for you next Website Project or Mobile App.

Unique Web Design

At DreamKoder, we think every website should be unique, beautiful and should represent your brand. So we focus on creating something unique for everyone.

Modern Web Design

Modern Design or User Friendly Design is key to success for every website. We use Web 2.0 on all our Website Design for flawless experience.

SEO Ready Website

Another factor to create a successful website is to create Google or Search engine Friendly Website.e We create structured websites, which has good impact on search engines.

Responsive Website

Responsive Website Design has been trending for last few years as people use different devices to access websites. Having a Responsive website means more users, more engagement and more business.

Speed Optimized

Google officially announced that Page Speed is part of search engine ranking algorithm. The more the more speed optimized website you have, the higher your chances of being ranked in the first page by Google.

No Bugs

Mobile App or Website with bugs can decrease your brand value. We at DreamKoder take No Bugs thing seriously. We provide a one month free support for any bug that may arise after your project goes live.


At DreamKoder, creativity and Innovation are highly upheld.
This is in line with our purpose statement that seeks to explore and define a new era in web development and app development.
It is for this purpose that we offer the following services:

Web Design

Design is an art and we have some serious artists in our team for your Graphic Design related work.

PSD to Anything

The magic starts here. This is where the design comes alive. be it PSD to HTML5 or PSD to CMS, we are up for it.

Website Development

Whether you are looking for a small WordPress blog or have some crazy million dollar Website Idea, We got your back.

Mobile App Development

App Store has some serious numbers of iOS Apps. Getting your bussines app into App Store can make some good impact on your business.

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DreamKoder Portfolio - WordPress Website Design and Development by DreamKoder Pune, India
DreamKoder Portfolio - Codeigniter Video Conferencing Website Design and Development by DreamKoder Pune, India
DreamKoder Portfolio - WooCommerce/eCommerce web store Website Design and Development by DreamKoder Pune, India
DreamKoder Portfolio - WordPress Website Design and Development by DreamKoder Pune, India

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